How To Care For Your Piper & Skye Leather Products
American Alligator & Pirarucu Leather 

    To keep your Alligator and Pirarucu leathers looking their very best over the years, we recommend using a leather spray to protect the beautiful finish. If necessary, use a lighter-coloured microfibre or damp cloth with warm water and a touch of mild soap to remove any marks. 

 Please Note: Some dark-coloured clothing may affect certain light-coloured leathers, please therefore ensure to pre-wash darker coloured clothing before any direct contact with your Piper & Skye handbags and accessories.

There may be naturally-occurring "beauty marks” and signs of nature that define the very value of our products and where they originate from...We cherish these. We honour and appreciate these. We hope you do too. 

If you have any further questions please get in touch with us at:

blush pink pirarucu lola handbag by piper & skye